Aqua Cutter 410V

Aqua cutter 410V



Aqua cutter 410VLet us introduce the new AQUA CUTTER 410V. It is a carefully balanced mix of our successful robots, 410A and 710V. It’s basically a combination of the worlds smallest and the worlds most versatile hydrodemolition robots. However, the new 410V is much lighter and smaller compared to the original 710V, making it perfect for all kinds of operations, especially in tight spaces such as vertical shafts and furnaces.

The AQUA CUTTER 410V is specially designed for applications in confined areas and to replace hand lance work. Its small size and low weight allow the robot to easily pass through narrow passages such as doorframes or operate from scaffoldings. Our innovative design gives the operator freedom to reach all horizontal, vertical and overhead areas up to 4 meters without support.

Our unique 3D positioning system can perform wonders. The front power head gives the operator full freedom to efficiently reach all areas. One example is vertical operations along or against the surface. Due to a compact design the AQUA CUTTER 410V can be operated in tight and confined areas, with retained mobility.For vertical and overhead operations the 410V has a steel mast constructed in sections. The mast can operate at heights up 4 meters without support, and even more with support.


The power control module (PCM) can be disconnected from the tracked
crawler. This allows you to drive the crawler into tight and inhospitable environments, such as small tunnels and flooded sewer pipes. You can operate the crawler from a safe distance with a radio remote control. In such situations the PCM is connected to the crawler by a cord, ensuring complete control of the robot in horizontal, vertical and overhead operations.

Aqua cutter 410V

3d positioning

The 410V design makes it possible to move and position the power head the same way as the Aqua cutter 710V.
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The towers are based on the same system as the Aqua spine. This makes it very flexible as most of the Aqua spine accessories will fit right on.
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Quick connection of the front

Quick change of accessories such as different width of roller beam, radius roller beam, Rotolances, Circular Power Head etc without using any tools.

Aqua cutter 410V

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