Aqua Cutter 410V

The Aqua Cutter 410V is a carefully balanced mix of our successful robots, 410A and 710V. It’s basically a combination of the worlds smallest and most versatile hydrodemolition robots. In other words, you’ll get perfect results every time, wherever you work, especially in tight spaces.

A small yet powerful package

The Aqua Cutter 410V is specially designed for applications in confined areas and to replace hand lance work. It’s small size and low weight allow the robot to easily pass through narrow passages such as door frames or operate from scaffoldings, everything with an electric motor. This makes the Aqua Cutter 410V perfect for all kinds of operations, especially in tight spaces such as vertical shafts and furnaces.


  • Evolution 2.0 control system

    The Aqua Cutter Evolution 2.0  control system features highly computerized robotic management for all advanced operations.

    The evolution control system enables you to program geometrical figures and operate at different depths in the same overpass. The display is interactive and graphic, making it very easy to program the robot.

    Learn more about Evolution control system
  • Tower and 3D positioning system

    The easy to extend tower system on all V models has proved it’s versatility; it is fast and easy to fit the required numbers of sections to reach the desired operation height whether it is for vertical or overhead removal. The multi axis 3D positioning system of the cutting head, gives the ability to operate on all surfaces. The standard reach is 4 meters, but can be extended further.

  • Equal Distance System

    All of our Aqua Cutter robots feature our patented EDS system, short for Equal Distance System. The EDS keeps a preset distance from the nozzle to the concrete surface, regardless of the attack angle of the water jet. This is a major advantage. Standard systems without EDS make the water jet lose a lot of power before it hits the concrete.

    Learn more about Equal Distance System
  • Pop the hood

    The innovative design provides unrivaled ease of access for all maintenance jobs. This means less downtime for maintenance and more time for actual work.

    The foldable back cover of our Aqua Cutter 410 robots offers total access for both daily maintenance, such as checking oil levels, and regular service jobs, such as oil and filter changes.

  • Disconnectable PCM

    The Power Control Module (PCM) can be disconnected from the tracked crawler. This allows you to drive the crawler into tight and inhospitable environments, such as small tunnels and flooded sewer pipes. You can operate the crawler from a safe distance with a radio remote control. In such situations the PCM is connected to the crawler by a cord, ensuring complete control of the robot in horizontal, vertical and overhead operations.

Specifications410V Evolution
Total weight1250 kg (2756 lb)
Length2,1-2,27 m (6,9-7,4 ft)
Min. width0,78 m (2,6 ft)
Track width0,78-1,16 m (2,6-3,8 ft)
Min. height0,99 m (3,2 ft)
Operating height4 m (13,1 ft)
Side reach0,95 m (3,1 ft)
Lance angle±45°
Working width0-1,7 m (0-5,6 ft)
Working width extended0-3,2 m (0-10,5 ft)
Drive sourceElectric motor 3 phase 5,5kW 400 VAC 16A (other on request)

Drawings and measurement

Aqua Cutter 410V Aqua Cutter 410V Aqua Cutter 410V Aqua Cutter 410V Aqua Cutter 410V Aqua Cutter 410V Aqua Cutter 410V Aqua Cutter 410V Aqua Cutter 410V Aqua Cutter 410V