Aquajet Hosts First World Tour Events in Europe and North America

Aquajet hosted its first World Tour events April 26 – 28, 2022. One-hundred fifteen new and existing customers from 13 countries attended events held in Europe and North America.

Aquajet hosted its first 2022 World Tour events April 26 – 28, 2022. One-hundred fifteen new and existing customers from 13 countries attended events held in Europe and North America. Aquajet’s German distributor Brokk Germany, co-hosted a European event in Friedenweiler, Germany, while North American distributor Brokk Inc. co-hosted U.S., Canadian and Latin American participants in St. Joseph, Missouri. The events provided advanced training, equipment demonstrations, including the new Aqua Cutter 750V, and networking opportunities to help participants learn more about the capabilities of Aquajet equipment to maximize productivity on the jobsite. This year marks the first time Aquajet has held large training and demonstration events outside of the company’s headquarters.

“In the past, we held these events in Sweden, but taking our technology and experts on the road has allowed us to meet our customers closer to home, in many cases,” said Roger Simonsson, Aquajet CEO. “Expanding to Germany and North America made it possible for more companies to participate and bring more team members to see the equipment and learn how to use it to its full potential.”

The events included training and demonstrations of each Aquajet product line, including the compact Ergo Hydrodemolition robot.

The World Tour events included advanced classroom training on how users can maximize productivity and results with their Aquajet machines. Participants had the opportunity to see the Ergo Hydrodemolition system, which offers four times the power of a hand lance in a compact unit. Additionally, attendees were able to experience the silent operation of the Ecosilence 3.0 high-pressure pump and watch the Ecoclear 2.0 wastewater treatment system work with the new Aqua Cutter 750V. Together, the machines provide contractors the industry-leading safety and productivity of robotic Hydrodemolition with the added benefit of on-site, on-demand wastewater treatment — all in a compact footprint that meets strict environmental regulations while providing maximum versatility for congested jobsites.

Jürgen Fritsche, managing director, and Hans-Jörg Weißenhorn, department manager for high pressure waterjet technology, at Hydro-Tech GmbH in Bobingen, Germany, were impressed with the demonstrations at the European event. “The reaction of our customers is always, ‘Wow, it’s amazing what’s possible with hydropower!’” Weißenhorn said. “The application range is so diverse and wide, but we mainly use the Aquajet equipment in underground garages, bridge renovations and in special civil engineering.”

Mark McLellan, president of AK Industrial Services LLC of Everett, Massachusetts, attended the North American event with two colleagues. “It’s a constant struggle to take time to do other things besides just the physical work you’re doing, but I think it was important for my coworkers and me to come out here to actually see the equipment and build relationships with the Aquajet people. It’s always nice to build that relationship because they really support us in our business.”

“This was our first time taking our equipment and training on the road, and we couldn’t have had a better start,” Simonsson said. “We plan to be back again with another World Tour as our technology continues to evolve and new processes are introduced.” 

This fall, another training and demonstration event will be held in Australia.